We are a small women led team of designers, makers and creatives who always had a passion for alternative clothing, accessories and lifestyles. Having gained different life and working experiences, each of us brings a little special contribution to the realisation of our collections, each of them designed in our beloved London.

Our original ranges of boho, hippie, rave festival clothing and accessories are for women of any age that wants to look glamorous and also have fun.

Our collections are often inspired by the magical world of the forest, with its mysteries, legendary creatures, elves, fairies and pixies as well as music and faraway cultures.

Our unique signature is the combination of many styles, from tribal to bohemian, festival to pixie and goa to gothic, that, influencing each other, create an unusual type of apparel.


The brand Gekko was founded 30 years ago in Camden Town, in the heart of the underground subcultures of London.

The surrounding environment was an explosion of new ideas, styles and fabulous inspirations.

Starting with a small stall in the market, our handmade products immediately received a great response. A few months after we were managing our own shop!

We were able soon after to broaden our range and our production of alternative styles, by starting to collaborate with family based businesses in India, our second home.

Since then, we travel to India twice a year, to look after the production as well as feed our inspiration with their amazing culture of beautiful printed and embroidered fabrics.


Having spent years selling face to face, in 2010 we decided to reach out to all those people who do not live in London and are not able to come and visit our BoHotique as often as they would like to and we started selling on eBay.

With just a few items we got a great response from our lovely customers out there so we now aim to offer an even greater selection of the beautiful Gekko collections online!


We always wanted to create something unique, different, designed with care and attention and to produce ethically.

Our products are made by small family businesses based in India and Nepal using a mixture of new and upcycled fabrics and materials, allowing us to achieve very particular styles.

We try to take good care of our environment and all life around us, that’s why we only work with what we believe to be ethically correct companies and we ensure fair salaries to all our workers.

Since 2016 our company has officially and proudly become vegan.

In our collections, we do not use any materials which are related to animal killing or exploitation.


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